Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A morning walk...and a lesson...

  Every morning, for most people, is the same and so it was with me till today...No, there was no path breaking news waiting at the doorstep nor was I suddenly elevated from the mere mortal status with an 'Aha..' moment.
  Like everybody else in my vicinity(I mean, the mothers with school going kids), it was the time to breath and be on your own , before the house hold chores beckoned you sternly. I choose to go for a walk at this time to be with my thoughts( and if it shakes up the fats , I am not complaining!).
  Nature has its strange ways of unfolding its beauty. And today I had the privilege of witnessing it.  the morning sun tried to peep out ,but the horizon seemed to be gathering clouds.Birds flew around ...some in flocks, few in solitude. Against the grey clouds I chanced upon a bird, about ten feet from the ground, hovering at a particular spot in the air, flapping its wings and craning its neck this way and that way. The sight was beautiful! And then in one graceful move , it swooped down to earth and disappeared into the shrubs...It must have sighted its prey, and the early bird that it was, it must have managed a catch... Although an everyday affair, I'd only read about these moments of nature. So, naturally you see I felt blessed!
  And as I continued with a smile in my heart, pondering on how I was going to share it with my better half, a full grown peacock decided to fly heavily across the road, just 2 meters ahead of me!! And as I looked around for more, I saw another of this feathered beauty perched right atop a scraggly tree clearly silhouetted against the darkening sky! I mean, we have seen birds and their antics on TV, movies , magazines, zoos and so on but how many of us get to see them naturally, without being scripted?!
   The birds were focused in their actions  and well aware of the roles they had to play...Does anything ever derail them from their tracks?Are they also tempted with distractions, assailed with doubts?
   When I went in the evening around that area, AN32 aircraft, Jet Airways and Indigo were homing into the Delhi airport( I stay very close by).I was mentally ticking off the dinner options for tonight, thinking of the vegetables and dishes my kids would accept or reject. And against the dusky sky and in the rumble of landing aircrafts, I saw yet again a bird, flapping its wings, hovering at a spot and suddenly sweeping down...dinner time...Life is as simple as that