Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Defiled and Humiliated!!!

      There should NOT be any Navratras  henceforth in our country! Or any Durga Puja celebrations for that matter! All the temples of female deities should shut down. We are not fit as a people to observe these occasions. Let us do away with double standards. Atleast we will be clear about our position as women in this society as also in the country.
      Stop all this nonsense about "Save The Girl Child", the" Ladli" projects! Why do you even want to save her from female foeticide if you are going to subject her to rape and other such heinous crimes when she grows up (and even when she hasn't grown up)! Why would The Government insist on educating her if she cannot realise her dreams of independence in every sense!
     We still live in an age where women are considered as descendents of Draupadi, an object more than anything else. Forget the men, even the women themselves will be the first ones to cast aspersions on the "character" of the victim and pass scathing snide remarks...
   If you think I am over reacting to minor social aberrations, just open the newspapers in the morning and you will have these news screaming at you. Don't worry these stories will die their natural death after serving their purpose of selling the paper. They will continue for a couple of days more if some powerful people are linked. Do we get to know if the culprits have been punished? Chances are less, since they have "managed" to wriggle free after probably a couple of months behind the bars.
   All is Well or not so well... Media will move onto new stories and we will continue with our cup of tea. We will analyse and debate over them and find numerous reasons for such incidents. Will there be any strict laws and more importantly enforcing of these laws? Oh! But a Bill will have to tabled in the Parliament and debates will be on. these take time, you know!...While all the juggernaut is on , the victims will limp into their haunted futures...