Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cozy Kose Indibloggers Meet

   Should I or shouldn't I? To be there or not to be there? Only the bard's prince of Denmark had more complicated issues to deal with. My predicament, comparatively, was frivolous. What clinched the deal in favour of "I should" and "to be there" were two factors. The first, of course being, the opportunity to meet fellow  bloggers and the second was the cool aqua themed publicity of the product launch. Not being a very cosmetics kind of a person, I still  landed up at the venue of Hyatt Regency for the Kose  Indibloggers meet. 

   With the mercury rising in the National Capital, it was comfortable to find oneself in the blue themed settings in a small group of bloggers.  As expected, it was the fairer lot who made up the cozy group  but there was a fair share of those from Mars  too.  The product launch notwithstanding, these meets as I am sure  all would agree, are great way to meet the virtual snap shots in flesh and blood. Bloggers whose posts  make us think, react, appreciate and discover little nuances do leave their imprints. Once we meet them in real time, it is just a continuation  of  the association. 

   The cosy meet began with the usual number game where most got some surprises and only one was dealt with a cookie. During the entire interactive session, my attention kept riveting to the screen that displayed aqua marine water with colourful fish swimming delicately.  It had a calming effect in the midst of all the bonhomie. Perhaps the Japanese officials,  immaculately attired in formals, too patiently waited for this moment. The launch of their line of cosmetics product Spawake from Kose. A family business that started in 1946 in Japan, Kose has presence in many countries and is now making a foray into the Indian market. Stressed out lives will look for some indulgence without dragging their feet to the parlour or a spa.  They believe their product Spawake can deliver to the growing demand for spa like experience out of tubes and bottles right at home. Their endeavour is to bring together traditional practices with modern technology. The women, who are forever time strapped, may take a look at these products. The key ingredients are sea salt and the magic of a Japanese sea  weed in their face packs, night creams, whitening day cream. Their tag line being ... "Let the beauty of your skin be sea deep"...  And yes, they did cater to the ubiquitous desire in the Indian subcontinent, to look fairer. I am sure, no brand will survive here unless they  promise to turn the dusky into the fair.

   A quick dab of cream from a bottle placed on our table, pronounced that it was light and easily absorbed. As far as the other claims are concerned, only time will tell. Their brand ambassador Aditi Rao Hydari glowed and wowed the gathering. She also volleyed the queries coming her way with el├ín. Needless to say, there were many vying to click a selfie, dualfie, groupie with her. The evening of course ended with a scrumptious spread.