Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beacon Of Light

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courtesy Wikimedia

     If truth be told, I've attempted this post many times only  to 'backspace' or 'delete' all the words. Every letter keyed in seemed inadequate to express myself.  The month of April was an extremely challenging one, having taken the plunge with the A to Z Challenge with posts pivoting around the theme of my travels in India. There have been times when I was beleaguered with domestic travails, social and personal commitments tempting me to go astray, to give it all up. For how did it matter whether I finished the Challenge or not? Was there a trophy at the end of the day? No. Did it make me a shining star in the horizon? No. So why did I continue although I had many sleepless nights and jittery mornings, snapping at every hurdle that came my way? 

    It was the beacon of light that egged me on to swim further every day, post by post, till the finishing line. If it wasn't for the beacon cheering me on, I would have just drifted away. And that beacon, my dear friends, is YOU. Having updated a post each day, I would return to it every evening to see if there was anyone who visited it. And you, my dear fellow bloggers, have never let me down. Your votes on Indiblogger and comments have cheered me and energized me to tread on. I realise that someone like me who is not in the habit of posting everyday, I may have compromised on quality at times unwittingly, but you never gave up. And when your votes took my posts to the home page of Indiblogger as Top Post, I was humbled and filled with gratitude. It was for the first time that my posts managed this feat. For this, I only have you to thank for, in the true age old Indian tradition of folded hands and head bowed. 

   On the way, I came across some wonderful blogs and made some great friends whom I promise to keep in touch with. My blogging world is gradually filling up with more colours and opening up new windows. All this while, I also discovered that I can write every day IF I persevere. And for this I can only thank the A to Z Challenge team for showing me the way. 

         My fellow bloggers, I THANK YOU for being my beacon.