Saturday, 28 July 2012

Classics in shady light!!!

Imagine Mr Rochester with his pants down or good old Holmes pawing Dr Watson with the famous "Its elementary, my dear Watson"!!!

 Well  the Clandestine Classics( Jane Eyre and other classics to get Fifty Shades of Grey erotic treatment)are soon on their way to throwing  shady  light on some of the 19th century literary classics. Now the question is, would I be interested in catching Darcy and Elizabeth making out...Its like asking myself, do I want to see Meena Kumari in the same light as Mallika Sherawat, a Greta Garbo as a Madonna with their over- the- top explicitness?!

Look around you. Is there any dearth of erotic material whether virtual, real or media publicised? Erotic literature is not new, case in hand - Kamasutra, Lolita that top the list. Then there are the sex scams and scandals to titillate and feed the depraved. In a world of such abundance, why is it necessary to drag in and slush around the charm of another world, of another era?

There is an aching sweetness in the glances  and words unsaid, that makes you want to sigh...Picture Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre sitting under the bough in their quiet exchange of words..the beauty of it!!!

In this age of in-your-face blatancy , cashing in on whatever- have- you and piggy-riding to the bank, I suppose, this is letting an "opportunity" go waste.

Personally, I have nothing against eroticism. It has its own place in the vast literary world.Just as a sexed up Jane Austen heroine would be incongruous, so also a Meena Kumari would not work in today's context. It would be like the sorry state of N D Tiwari caught with his pants down( errr... his dhoti down, not that he was a saint in his heydays probably).

I have two problems here -
1. Be original.
2. Tomorrow when I ask my children to explore the beauty of the classics, they may chance upon these "revitalized" versions. Not that I want them to lead cloistered lives...but they will never be exposed to the beauty of subtlety, the sublime...They will never know how the world existed "once upon a time..."


  1. Does this site have a page on Facebook?

  2. No, it doesn't.I'll be happyif you could identify yourself. :) Otherwise its like talking to a blank wall

  3. Why dont you write in magazines Mickey Ba... Trust me it worths every penny.

  4. Thanks Babu! You made my day!!

  5. hmhm.. Yes, that was a crisp point well made. Classics need to be respected for what they are rather than using their popularity to promote erotic content.

    & even if a revitalization is done, it should respect the original sublime treatment.

    It should be like the remake of Don - part 1. (just my own opinion)

  6. I agree with you on that Don Part1..

  7. There is no point in adding masala in a food already cooked by a master chef.


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