Thursday, 10 July 2008

its just me!

I am a little nervous, wary and a bit excited. You see this is my first blog! I was always curious about the entire thing. It was while going through my long lost friend ( may I call you that?) PreetiShenoy's blog that really prompted me to take the baby steps. My husband Siddhartha was always egging me on and today I take the plunge.But blogging is just one of the things which I wanted to do. I would like to take off on a trip on my own at my own pace ,without any guilt pangs.It must be a beautiful place under the ocean which I would like to experience...Do a jig right in the middle of the in a tree house a la phantom style and spend some moonlit nights on the beach in the jade hut with my husband....Well the fantasies and wishes can never be reined in. Yes I would definitely tell my girls to give everything a try for you may never know what you are missing in life.


  1. Good luck with you blog!! I've had a great journey with mine--and glad it inspired you.
    Nice work here--If u want to turn a word into a link (example--if you are mentioning the blogger and you want to link their blog) then just highlight the name--then click on the 'hyper-link' icon--a new window pops up.Cut N Paste URL there. Hope I have simplified it and not confused you!

  2. Convey my thanks to Siddhartha for asking me to go through your blog. He deserves it.


Your words keep me going :)