Monday, 14 July 2008


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     People have always looked at us with incredulity written large on their face when we tell them that we don't own a TV. Their various expressions and responses can be translated into "Are you crazy?"One of my in-laws went to the extent of saying "Don't worry, I'll lend you the money". We found these responses quite amusing. And no, we were not trying to be "different" in an adolescent way. What began as an experiment, soon became a habit. We found the TV intrusive. But of course we had our adjustment blues.

   Let me start at the very beginning.The brainwave occurred to me when my husband was posted to Dehradun. We were moving from the lovely Wellington in the Nilgiris. As is the habit we were disposing certain stuff, and TV happened to be one of the casualties. Prior to this ,we have had our share of family warfare ,on the issues of channel surfing. On reaching the new place I said "No TV". My husband was confused ( You see he is an irrevocable cricket addict!) But he was a sport and went along with the plan. Those were difficult days for him. You could say he was going through withdrawal symptoms. He was glued to the phone as some kind colleagues consented to give him a ball by ball telephonic commentary. When we were around any market area, he could be found hovering around little kiosks or big stores that had TV in them. My daughter couldn't be dragged out of my neighbour's house. There were times I felt guilty and asked him to buy one. But maybe he was gradually getting used to natural sounds( of which Dehradun had plenty to offer). We were talking more often and not just in monosyllables.
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   It was liberating . Suddenly our lives were no longer dictated by the inane serials and loud , sensationalizing news channels. . We had the time to pursue hobbies and 'listen' to each other. And we did not feel like misfits in society. Our daughter certainly didn't grow up as an underdeveloped and deprived individual. The time gained was utilised with some habits like reading, sharing thoughts and ideas . The journey into discovery had begun. This does not mean that every thing on TV is mindless. It has its moments of glory and sensibility. But we like our life without the electronic media as of now.


  1. A friend of mine has also taken a conscious decision and they too do not have a TV in their house.I don't watch anything on TV except music that too only when i am working out. do agree that our lives arericher without the noise of TV.
    Preeti (Just a mother of two)

  2. Hey Ilakshi, I had to tell ya, that the no TV experience was a cool idea. I understand it! Cause I am being forced to live it ..when whe have power the cable is down and vice versa.. Presently the TV is hooked on to the computer cause the vedio songs on it are the only line to sanity(new york!) in my daughters case..
    Will call u today..take care. and am glad u started blogging..keep writing.. ram

  3. Miki Ba,

    I know what life is without TV...Life is YOUR OWN! :)
    But i have to accept, even I get glued on to the TV screen when at Restaurants! :P

    I read all your blogs...loved the "Making Homes..." the best!


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