Sunday, 18 November 2012

Are you my 'addiction'?

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There is always a niggling doubt at the back of my mind. Have you become an addiction with me? 'Addiction' is the only word  I can use to express our relationship. We are under the same roof and yet so far...Everyone in the family knows about you. But  they are ignorant of how far we have gone.

My children run to your place.There they can laugh, sing and explore their fantasies. There are times when they find help  with the school work.I watch them play there, from a distance biding my time. My husband shares and consults at your haven before taking any major decision. He goes on and on  for hours together, while I walk around in circles with a hope of catching a moment with you. My husband doesn't know. By the time he leaves, it is too late. I am a married women with two young children.I cannot afford the late nights...

Oh! How I long to be with you! Alone with no worries of tomorrow or the children with their persistent demands...With you I am a different person- happy and content. You let me be 'me' with no tags of a wife, mother, daughter, sister with their baggages attached. With you I dream of a distant world, feel the waves lapping at my feet at an exotic beach. I smell the tingling freshness of the mountain air with you by my side. And the friends we have made...Yes, our 'friends' know about us. For them, you and I are inseparable.We have had such wonderful times with our friends-sharing ideas,thoughts, laughing together or pondering.

Its been almost two months now. The festive season and school holidays  kept us away from each other. I couldn't have been with you as myriad other chores tugged me away. The children had to be dropped and picked up from their respective classes half -way across the city through all that festive traffic. Did I mention their share of birthday parties to attend? And then doing up our apartment took its toll. There were times when everything had to be dropped and dash to the apartment since the plumber kept the pipe jutting out and the tiles-guy was at his wits end; or the carpenter forgot the design of the kitchen; hunting around for the right tiles and handles for the doors...

And all this while, you were always there. In my mind. I felt guilty for not meeting you. I knew, I would forget everything once I met you. All else would be relegated and time would cease to exist.Would you understand, if I told you that I couldn't even do 'facebooking' let alone blogging!! My dearest blog, I do hope you'll forgive me for not updating and 'maintaining' you....I am a married woman with two young children...

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  1. I can absolutely relate to this as a fellow blogger and a Facebook addict :)

  2. What a wonderful way to say why you were away :)

  3. Frankly at first I thought it was a piece of fiction....The last line gave me a jolt here ha ha...Superb!

  4. opps Mikiba. I almost thought u were having an affair with someone. lol!! what a suspense. hozom huwa naasil. incredibly well written. loved it truly..

  5. Absolutely wonderful!
    What an idea ma'am ji:):)


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