Friday, 26 April 2013

Top Spin

As the weekend approaches, with much trepidation I await a bombshell to drop, wondering which ''avataar'' is it going to take. Have you ever seen a top spin? I never knew, I would relate to it or empathise with it in my mid-life, having never fancied it much in my childhood. The last three weeks I have felt like a top spinning and spinning, until something comes along and drives me into a tizzy again.

    And then I chance upon this  phrase, " excuse for not working today". They asked for one! I could give them a list! First it was my daughters who wanted to participate in a Bihu function at Talkatora Stadium. This translated into diligently ferrying them across the city for the rehearsals. If only it was so simple. Simultaneously the older girl had her dance class Annual Day coming up. So ferrying trips had to be rescheduled and the timings tweaked to accommodate both the rehearsals. Then came a bombshell that she was to represent school for an inter-school Debate competition. She looked at me with hopeful eyes that I write the script and coach her. Well I succumbed to that saucer- wide, doleful look. God knows why I agreed or even looked into those eyes! So there I was managing time.  Discussions with the speaker (my daughter) while negotiating the evening Delhi traffic, writing draft after draft, figuring the best way to put the thoughts across while waiting for their rehearsals to end. And just when I thought we were finally slowing down, came the viral infection that is doing the rounds in Delhi. So now we were doing the rounds of ORS at intervals, throwing-up sessions, home-made remedies and the lot. There were three patients in the house. Two below 12 years of age, my girls, and the third bordering on thirty years of age, my brother.  

   Insanity was threatening to raise it's sly head. And then there was a breather. We got two respites in the name of Ram Navami and Mahavir Jayanti. Thank God for our secularism endorsing Constitution!!! I leaned on these holidays like a tired woman resting on milestones in her journey ahead. The difference being that I was going round in circles trying to catch my own tail...err...metaphorically. 

   As I type this post, my maid drops in to announce that she is taking the Sunday off ! So do I need any more excuses for not working today!!! I pledge that I shall not budge from my side of the bed and not look into any eyes, husband's included.

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  1. Ha! Your post was the first entry to this week's WOW. And really now, do we need an excuse to not work :) I thought that was our fundamental right, huh? :P

  2. Spin you were in, but the best part was your ability to negotiate it successfully. Do I need to say anything more?

  3. totally love reading your blog ilakshi...and much needed break from the monotony of packing :)) luv the fact that your galz are into their roots.....varun and devika were of the same age when I was in delhi..and i had sunk our full family of 3 (sr being in field) into our Bunt community (mangloreans)...we wld have our annuals at Karnataka Bhavan.......way to go woman. hugs

  4. Excuses not to work? My whole life is one long excuse :) No need for children or sickness to provide it.

    Hope you guys are all well now.

  5. loved it to the core :)
    its this action packed scenario that most of us would easily relate to.

    "Thank God for our secularism endorsing Constitution" is such a mutual feeling !!!

  6. @Prasanna Rao - Truly agree about the fundamental right part. But sadly its not endorsed by the Constitution :)

    @Siddhartha - you know best :D

    @ Sonia Adappa - So, I guess you have done the rounds!!! But yes "roots" are very important for me.

    @Suresh Ha ha ha yes, they are all fine now burrowing themselves in other activities.Thank you!

    @Karan Shah Thats when we look for excuses...when the action gets too much to handle. :)


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