Sunday, 5 May 2013

No Repetition!

"Excess of anything is bad for health", was my parents' favourite refrain in the growing years. So, if I was glued to the TV for long hours; reading incessantly at various angles on the bed or the sofa; gossiping over the phone as my father paced across the room with furrowed brows as a sign of his disapproval; or crammed in potato wafers everyday, they threw down this line at me to take hint and curb the excesses.

And they couldn't have been further from the truth. Everything has its charm for a certain time. In the 80s, we lapped up serials like "Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi", "Hum Log", "Kathasagar", "Buniyaad" and waited patiently for the "Chitrahaar"s. They still manage to evoke fond memories. There was a time when newsreaders were stars in their own right. The list is endless.Compare that with today and it is very likely that you will find only the inane and a never ending thirst for something new every minute with 24x7 media and the social media. The result would be a sore thumb from channel flicking. 

So if I had a chance to repeat a day over and over , I'ld rather say "No ,Thank you". In the repetitions would creep in complacency and a false ego. There wouldn't be anymore frontiers to discover. Every day brings with it new hopes and opportunities to find new horizons. If I fall on a particular day, at least I'ld have got up with a new lesson learnt. And that would be far more enriching than watching a repeat telecast of a glorious day. 
If Sergei Bubka was happy the first time around he broke the record for pole vaulting and contended himself watching it repeatedly , he would have never pushed himself to his limits and realised his true potential. 

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  1. I completely agree with you. Every day is a new day and the joy of carpe diem is un repeatable!


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