Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Charming Bangles And A Bit Of History

Colours In The Bazaar
A Bangle Shop
                Shops and more shops lined up with a mind boggling collection of bangles. Stone studded, crystal ornamented, filigreed, lac bangles, silver and golden bangles,glass bangles of all colours and designs glittered and winked from the shops with glassed interiors. Their owners tempted one to step into their shops. Entering a couple of them I went crazy at the range and my girls went berserk trying some out or looking longingly at the others. At the end of all that shop hopping I was left with dazzled eyes that could see the glitter and the glimmer in people's faces! then there was another lane that took one along shops selling pearls to suit every one's pocket. The lanes were crowded with curious tourists, serious buyers and pearl string laden agents tempting the former two to step into their shops.


Charminar Through The Gateway
                     Amid all this din and chaos of Laad Bazaar, stood the Charminar, stoic witness to time and the mortals who came and went. Right at the center it stood,  like an indulgent adult amused at all the attention and adulation. Built in 1591 by Quli Qutub Shahi the fifth, there are many stories about the reason behind it's existence. The most popular being that of honouring a promise made to Allah when the city was stricken with plague. Covering a square  area with four connected ornate minarets rising up to four levels, Charminar has the oldest mosque of Hyderabad where the devout offer their Friday prayers. Standing under the roof  of this ancient monument one gets a feel of the times gone by. Resplendent in craftsmanship with the balustrades, pillars; each minaret cushioned in lotus petals before rising up to four stories; and the four arches, that open up to four streets.
An Ornate Minaret

Arches Adjoining The Minarets

                            Charminar's glory will not take much of your time. It is the kiosks with the blinding glitter of the bangles and luster of the pearls that will demand more of your time. Then of course there are the nihari stalls and the famed Hydrabadi biryani without which a trip to this part of the old city is incomplete.

This post was written for the A to Z Challenge 2014


  1. A fine whiff and clink of bangles in the by-lanes of Hyderabad, close to Char-Minar -a notoriously difficult subject to capture on photographs due to the highly congested vicinity.

  2. "Right at the center it stood, like an indulgent adult amused at all the attention and adulation." - Well penned! I like how you saw and described in detail what other eyes may just consider bangles! Great post!

  3. Superb pics! Gr8 info! Though I've stayed in Hyderabad for about 2 months n visited many places there yet not gone 2 d Bangles Bazar & Char Minar! Have 2 mk it there nxt tym!

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Great pics of the old bye lanes of Hyderabad.

  5. Lovely pics and nice read :) Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I like the pictures, especially the one about the gate. The bangle shops are probably more interesting than those I've seen here (a chain called Claire's), too. I'm definitely enjoying this trip!

  7. You are absolutely right, Uma. It was very difficult to get a clear picture during peak hours.

  8. Thank you Sakshi! After sometime they stopped being mere bangles :)

  9. Thanks Amrita :) Do try to visit this place. It has a charm of it's own.

  10. Larry, there are bangles shops and more bangles shops here. You've got to see it to believe it. Claire's is very upmarket and it retails from Malls!


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