Wednesday, 9 April 2014


              The Western Ghats in India is an enchanting stretch that has many endearing places to explore. Igatpuri, an hour's drive from Nasik and around two hours drive from Mumbai in Maharashtra is one such place which we escaped to during one of the weekends. In fact, on two occasions while travelling from Mumbai I've  always felt the difference in the climes once the climb on the Ghats start. It feels like the all enveloping sheet  of the sultry heat of Mumbai has weakened and i'm racing towards the cool mist to soothe me.
One Of The Many Bridges

              To Igatpuri, however we came from Nasik. Many others will vouch that monsoons is the time to visit the Western ghats when the entire stretch from Western Maharashtra to Kerala is suddenly invigorated with  verdant undulated landscape. All at once the roar of waterfalls and the gushing stream seem so much closer. Igatpuri is no exception. It plays up to the role of a perfect setting for introspection and journey within the self. Is this why the Vipassana International Academy, the largest of it's  centers is located here? Imparting the ancient technique of meditation to the seekers this center has many applications on it's desk waiting for approval for a course.

            If you are done with the meditation and have touched base with the self, a bit of exploring will open up new revelations. Like the Tringalwadi Fort. During the monsoons many trekkers will make their way to this once imposing structure that has been softened by time. Grey stones peep out from the lush green carpet. And the ageing pillars and walls of this citadel of the Satavahana dynasty sprout every shade of green indulgently. An enigma, a romance , seems to be seeping out from this fort hinting at many a tales it has witnessed. The entire surroundings including the path leading to this fort is covered with cultivation once the season is on. What a sight it must be when the fields are weighed down with crops!

            There is a Ghatandevi temple said to be dedicated to the Goddess who protects the ghats. We missed that one for one or more reasons. Igatpuri is about trekking and discovering streams gushing or water cascading down in the waterfalls that seem to have sprung up overnight during the monsoons.

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  1. Never heard about Igatpuri .....thanks for sharing less explored place.

  2. Igatpuri sounds exciting. Isn't the second photograph Dhudhsagar waterfalls near Karnataka- Goa border. Please do re-check.

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  4. Igatpuri was very soothing,I should say Niranjan. And thank you for pointing out the goof up. Have made amendments :)

  5. Isn't our country full of surprises, Mahesh? And there are countless more to be discovered. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Heard about Igatpuri but never had a chance to visit it. Would have loved to see more pictures of this place.

  7. Glad to know about this new place.

  8. I never heard about this place. Good photos and nice write-up



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